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In June 2018, I  opened Breakaway Spirit Life Coaching. I offer one on one sessions, live seminars and workshops and small group coaching services. The program is an integration of skills and strategies that help people to make successful change in their lives and achieve measurable and repeatable results.  I hope you will inquire for more information on setting up a coaching session with Breakaway Spirit Life Coaching.

Specializing in:

Life Coaching


  • Business, Career 
  •  Health/Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Self Improvement
  • Fear/Anxiety
  • Spiritual Development
  • ​Meditation/Mindfulness

Life Coaching is the process of developing simple and effective strategies that will eliminate obstacles to success and provide a roadmap for living a happier, fuller life. Life Coaching  focuses on using the only thing we have - the freedom of choice in the present moment to build our future. Coaching will enable you to overcome negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones.  The past can not be changed, but everyday is a new chance to create the person you want to be. Traditional therapy focuses on the past, to analyze what happened , and then work to accept that. This approach has it place and value, but is often a long, difficult process. Life Coaching starts in the present and we work together to let go of patterns that do not work and substitute those with a strategy that realizes achievable goals in a shorter time.  Everyday is a clean slate on which to create the highest, most fulfilling version of yourself that you can be.