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We are all on a spiritual journey and my journey has brought me here, to share my passion and experience with people across the globe. My passion since I was a little boy is to help people realize their true power, to know that they can achieve so much more they thought and to reach goals they never thought possible. I am blessed with the ability to inspire others to succeed and I wish to share that with my clients. To support this passion I have worked with many groups and individuals to help them to grow beyond their expectations.

In my  late teens and early 20's, I worked as a Waterfront Director, teaching sailing, boat handling and navigation. In college I earned a bachelor's degree in Economics and worked towards a minor in psychology. Since then, in my corporate work, I have been a leader in driving teams forward. I have spent 10 years since my 40's working informally as a personal Life Coach, as well as partnering with other Life Coaches and local health and spirit practitioners to build my practice. I have studied extensively on Life Coaching, Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness and it is my passion to share this with others. I recently obtained my Life Strategies Coaching certification from the Spencer Institute and I look forward to working with you!

Life Coaching is an amazing process that brings positive results to our lives, so we can live happier and in a state of peace. I hope you will inquire about a coaching session with Breakaway Spirit!