Breakaway Spirit

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We are all on a spiritual journey and my journey has brought me here, to share my ideas and spirit, to connect with people across the globe. I am blessed to have spent the first 30 years of my life sailing in the waters from Maine to Florida and the Great Lakes. In that time, I learned the power and Grace of Mother Ocean and those experiences drew me to something bigger. When I opened my heart to the Universal Energy that connects us all, I was swept away on a journey that has changed my life. I have learned about the Buddha, of Kirtan chanting, meditation and mindfulness and so much more. This has brought me joy and I look forward to sharing the power of these experiences with you and with those who want to share them with us.  

Coming Soon! I am finishing up my Life Strategies Coaching Certification from the Spencer Institute. Life Coaching is an amazing process that brings positive results to our lives, so we can live happier and in a state of peace. I hope you will inquire about a coaching session with Breakaway Spirit!