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Do you sometimes feel like you are working hard, but not reaching your goals?

Do your thoughts often go in circles and you find yourself stuck but wanting to move forward?

Are you wanting to change some aspects of your life - business, personal, spiritual

and not finding the motivation that you need to connect to this change?

A life coach can be the answer to those questions and much more. At Breakaway Spirit Life Coaching, I will  partner with you to determine what obstacles are in your path, what is slowing you down and help you develop a set of strategies that will chart a clear path forward.  We will  build a personal toolkit  that will give you the strategies you need to overcome current thinking and quickly bring to mind clear, positive means for achieving your goals and dreams.

Think of those times when you feel really alive, when the illusions of everyday life fall away and you feel happy, energized and fully living the life you want to have. In our complex lives, life can often seem to be more work then pleasure, yet we often wonder about how we can move to a place that is more full of our passions and wishes. Life Coaching is an effective answer to that desire and that is what Breakaway Spirit is - a place where we can work together to help you reach the life you have always wanted to live.